2013 Game Summaries

Prodigy falls to undefeated Carolina Phoenix in Rainy Brawl

The Prodigy came to Carolina ready for a battle with the then 3-0 Carolina Phoenix. Both teams’ defenses kept the scoring at bay for most of the first quarter, but after a first down conversion birthed from a Prodigy penalty on punt return, the Phoenix capitalized on their field position and scored their first touchdown and two point conversion. Before the teams headed to the locker room at halftime, the Phoenix had scored two more touchdowns, making the score 22-0.

In the third quarter, Prodigy’s #32 Jordyn White (DE) sacked Phoenix QB Jen King, forcing a fumble that was picked up by #86 T’Keyah Tate (LB) and run back for the Prodigy’s only TD of the night. #10 Hemlock’s extra point took the score to 22-7. The rain came with a fury, stripping both teams of their passing games. The Prodigy tried to even the score, but in the last 20 minutes of game play Phoenix’s FB Maria Rivera pounded her way into the end zone for another trio of touchdowns. Final score, 46-7.

The rematch happens 6/1, when the Phoenix travel to Prodigy-land.

Prodigy Scores First Franchise Win Against Baltimore Nighthawks, 14-0


Though the rain didn’t hold off for very long, it didn’t stop the Prodigy from setting new team records–First Win, First Shutout, and First Defensive Points Scored.
The ladies rallied together and tightened up on both sides of the ball. All 14 of the Prodigy’s points came from #10 Kathryn Hemlock (QB/DB), who scored a pick-6 on a 28-yard INT run back, threw an 11-yard TD pass to #40 Kristin Lough (WR), and then kicked both PATs.

The Prodigy Linebacker core of Monecho McMillon, Tiffany Matthews, Ivy Tillman, and Reneka Watkins contributed heavily to the team’s first goose egg.