2014 Game Summaries

6/7/14 Prodigy extend Beltway Battle record to 4-0 against Rival Baltimore

Prodigy owner Tiffany Matthews stepped up to the helm for the team at Quarterback in last weekend’s game against rival Baltimore Nighthawks, throwing for 2 passing TDs. Prodigy running backs Tierra McCormick and Ashley Botts also scored a pair of rushing TDs in the 26-14 victory.

Tiff vs Bmore 6-7Ash vs Bmore 6-7

5/17/14 – Prodigy defeat Nighthawks 15-0.

TeamDC NightOut at Washington Prodigy a huge success, capped off by a Prodigy W!

Washington Prodigy emerged victorious after a defensive battle Saturday with beltway rivals the Baltimore Nighthawks. The Nighthawks have yet to put up a point on the Prodigy defense in the last three matches between the two teams.

Bmore 051714-1

#26 Kandice Faulkner stepped in at QB and took charge of the Prodigy offense.

Bmore 051714-2

#34 Tiffany Matthews and #21 Tierra McCormick each powered through the red zone for rushing touchdowns.

Bmore 051714-3