2016 Game Summaries


Week 5 Recap:
Prodigy vs. Phoenix

The Washington Prodigy (3-2) were looking to knock off the undefeated Carolina Phoenix (5-0) last Saturday but the visiting team escaped with another victory.

The Prodigy offense had to punt on the opening drive and Carolina took advantage of the opportunity, marching the ball up the field and scoring. They completed a two-point conversion to make the score 8-0 early in the first quarter.

At the start of the second quarter Washington was able to take the ball to the Carolina 2 yard line, but penalties and a sack pushed the Prodigy back. They had to settle for a 32 yard field goal from Lindsey Walton.  The score would remain the same, as the Prodigy defense kept a Carolina offense that scores more than 30 points a game, to 8 points.

The second half was similar to the first, with the Prodigy getting into the red zone, but unable to capitalize. The defense remained solid, keeping Carolina out of the end zone. The game disappointingly ended with the Prodigy on the losing side of the scoreboard, 8-3.

Next Up: The Prodigy will travel to the far north across the Canadian border to take on the Montreal Blitz (5-2).

Week 4 Recap:
Prodigy at Firebirds

The Prodigy (3-1) marched into Philadelphia to make a statement against the winless Firebirds (0-4) on April 30th. And that’s just what Washington did. 

The Prodigy kickoff-team started the game by pinning the Firebirds at their own 14 yard line and the ‘Darkside’ defense forced Philadelphia to punt on a three and out. The Prodigy were also forced to punt on the next possession but Washington recovered that muffed punt at the Firebird 6 yard line. Mimi Gantt finished off the play with a touchdown to put the Prodigy up 6-0.

Defense once again held the Firebirds to a three and out, forcing them to punt. On the offensive possession, running back  Monecho McMillan had two runs of more than 10 yards to put the Prodigy on the 15 yard line. Gabby Sanders finished off the series at the start of the 2nd quarter with a touchdown run, sending the away team to the locker room with a 12-0 lead.

In the third quarter the Prodigy defense was once again dominant, snuffing out a fake punt and on the next Philadelphia series, recovering a high snap inside the Firebird 20 yard line.  The offense took advantage of the good field position and Tierra McCormick ran over several firebirds to score.  Holder Victoria Lyles connected with tight end T’Keyah Tate on the 2 point conversion, putting the Prodigy on top 20-0.

The next touchdown would come on a 6-yard run by Quarterback Christina Hsu. The Prodigy would score once again in the fourth quarter and finish off the veteran Firebirds with a final score of 34-0.

Next Up: The undefeated Carolina Phoenix (4-0) come to Washington on May 14th. The Prodigy are looking to give the Phoenix their first loss and prove themselves to the rest of the league.

Week 3 Recap:
Prodigy vs. Sharks

The Prodigy (2-1) were looking to continue their win streak as the Sharks (3-0) of New York made their way to the District.

The Prodigy and the Sharks were able move into each others’ red zone in the first half but neither were able to score on these tough defenses, and both teams headed into the locker rooms with no points to show.

Washington received the kickoff to start the second half and started their drive on their own 30 yard line. After a series of runs and a trick play, Cheri ‘Mimi’ Gantt ran in a 7-yard touchdown to put Prodigy on the board first.

As the 3rd quarter came to a close, a long punt by Lindsey Walton and a penalty on the Sharks, put New York on their own 6 yard line.  But after some clutch passes from New York’s quarterback, including a 7 yard touchdown pass in the back-corner of the end zone,  the score would eventually be tied 7-7. The tie lasted through the end of regulation and the two rivals were forced into overtime.

New York had their chance first. The Prodigy defense were able to hold the Sharks to just a field goal. And that would prove to be enough as Washington was unable to score. A tough 10-7 loss for the Prodigy to a veteran team from New York.

The Prodigy are on the road this upcoming weekend. They will take on thePhiladelphia Firebirds (0-3) in a rematch of the season opener.

Week 2 Recap:
Prodigy at Nighthawks

Coming off a solid 14-0 week one victory, The Prodigy (2-0) headed to their local rivals, the Baltimore Nighthawks (0-2) for what’s been affectionately known as The Battle of the Beltway.

The first half was a defensive stalemate as both teams were kept off the score board. The Prodigy defense missed two big chances at turnovers and the blue and white offense weren’t able to convert once they reached the red zone.

But Washington turned up the heat in the second half. Gabby Sanders started the half with a 25 yard return on the kickoff, putting the offense in solid starting position. The Prodigy offense worked the way down the field and Monecho McMillan finished off the drive with a 5 yard touchdown run. The extra point put the Prodigy on top 7-0 with less than 8 minutes left in the 3rd quarter.

Baltimore ran the ball for the duration of the 3rd quarter getting all the way to the Prodigy 7 yard line. But once again, the ‘Darkside’ defense came up big. Ashley Marshall recovered a Nighthawk fumble on the Prodigy’s own 5 yard line.

The Prodigy running backs broke out for several long gains including a 30 yard run by McMillan, bringing the offense back into Nighthawk territory in the 4th quarter. A 15-yard pass to Sanders put the Prodigy on the 5 yard line where Cheri Gantt finished off the drive with a touchdown run. The score would remain that way and the Prodigy will now return home where they take on division rivals, the New York Sharks (2-0).

Week 1 Recap:
Prodigy vs. Firebirds

The Prodigy (1-0) kicked off the 2016 campaign at home against the Philadelphia Firebirds (0-1).  After losing the previous season’s games to the Firebirds, the 2016 Prodigy were out for redemption.  Blustery winds and temperatures in the low 30’s made for a tough opening game but the Prodigy were up to the task.

The first quarter was a back and forth defensive battle that featured no scores on either side of the ball. But the home team got rolling in the 2nd quarter. Starting at almost mid-field, the blue and black were able to work the ball up the field with a long pass to TK Tate and stellar runs from Monecho McMillan and Mimi Gantt. From the 6 yard line, Tierra McCormick punched in a TD, running over two Firebirds in the process, to put the Prodigy up 6-0. Lindsey Walton finished the drive with the PAT and the Prodigy were on top 7-0 with less than six minutes to go in the half.

The ensuing kickoff pinned the Firebirds at the 1 yard line but penalties eventually put them on their own 20 with a fourth and 1. But the Prodigy defense once again were able to bend and not break, bringing the offense back on with great field position. On 3rd down, McMillan once again broke through the line and took the ball to the end zone, untouched. The Prodigy would head into the locker room up 14-0 at halftime.

The second half went scoreless and thanks to an impressive goal-line stand by the Prodigy defense, Philadelphia never made it on the board and the blue and black started the season with a win.

The Prodigy head to Baltimore on Saturday April 16 for the first in a two-part series in the battle of the beltway, as they take on the Nighthawks (0-1).