Game 2 Recap vs. Fayetteville Fierce

Coming off a bye week, the Prodigy (2-0) was eager to get back to what they do best... win. An undersized Fayetteville (0-1) came to Washington with hopes of spoiling that goal but to no avail.

The Prodigy defense picked up where they left off, keeping the opposing team from gaining a first down.  The Fierce attempted to move the chains on 4th down of the opening series but Safety Keshia Cousar shutdown the quarterback for a 12 yard loss. 

The Offense took over at the Fayetteville 30 yard line and after a long run from Running back Mimi Gantt, Fullback Crystal Boyd ran it in for a Prodigy touchdown. Boyd would score two more touchdowns in the first quarter.  LaNia Charity started the scoring in the second quarter with an eight-yard run to put the home team up by 28 points. 

Unfortunately, due to several injuries, the visiting team was forced to forfeit the remainder of the game, giving Washington the 28-0 victory.

Following the game, Fayetteville's Coaches informed us that the team is recovering and none of the injuries were serious.